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    Craft Boat
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    ABOUT US //

    In a world of abundance and fast production, we aim to create a niche one product at a time, slowly crafted by hand.

    Based in Jaipur, India our roots are tied to the multitude of art and design this city harbours. Working extensively with Recycled Paper and Natural Fibre Textile, we organically connect these endeavours with traditional Indian craftsmanship. The collections reflected a sense of intentional use of material and craft as well as honouring slower processes as we have always aimed to make long lasting, functional products. Today, led with the same core beliefs and values, we have organically developed into a multidisciplinary design cum manufacturing space.

    Globally partnering with Businesses encouraging Artisan-Made Products, we hope to make space for kinder choices to exist and flourish. Creating a sense of harmony and flexibility that radiates well beyond our studio walls.

    Here are our core pillars that reflect what we truly value.


    At heart of Craft Boat there is a fundamental understanding of the core behaviour of Indian craft techniques and the interactions between people, ideas, craft and material.

    Our community is what holds us afloat - our boat. We try to make choices to nurture connections and foster a community of like-minded individuals who come together to celebrate crafts and makers from across India.


    In our studio, there is always an organic discussion about how to reuse materials and reduce the amount of waste when designing any product. By introducing new craft techniques we have been able to close the loop and reimagine waste through a shift of form.

    Read more about how we close the loop here.


    Over the years, we have tried to design timeless pieces which radiate thoughtfulness. Following the traditions of product utility and primitive design techniques, we want the generations after us to use and cherish the objects we make.


    Continuously experimenting with form and function, open to introducing new craft techniques, and always connecting the dots with like-minded brands - this is how we have stayed fluid in our design process.

    Read more about our collaborations here.

    To know more about us, our product & services please feel free to reach to us here.